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The Civic Committee is involved in a wide range of projects and much of the work is guided by its subcommittees or task forces, including: the Illinois State Finance Task Force – Chaired by W. James Farrell; the Education Committee – Chaired by Bruce V. Rauner; and the Aviation Task Force – Chaired by Tyrone C. Fahner. Through these groups or in affiliation with other business, community and governmental organizations, the Civic Committee is implementing projects and programs that include the following:

State Finance

  • Launching a statewide campaign to raise public awareness about Illinois' fiscal crisis;

  • Reviewing the current health of the State's finances, as described in the recently released report entitled Facing Facts 2009: An Updated Report on the State of Illinois’ Fiscal Crisis;

  • Participated on Governor Quinn's Pension Modernization Task Force and provided recommendations for reforming the State's pensions and retiree health care programs.


  • Providing business sector leadership in support of the reform of the Chicago public school system and public school financing.
  • Improving the efficiency and capacity of the regions' airports.
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